The assignment is in two parts, and is as follows:
Part One (due in SESSION 5- worth 15% of the 35%):
Create a word document that lists 20 agencies in the community that employs support workers or other para-professional social service workers.
If you have a particular interest (e.g. you want to work with women, or youth, or Aboriginals), your choice of agencies should reflect that preference. Organize these resources under subtitles according to the service offered (addiction, mental health, etc.)
The entry for each agency should include
• Agency or program name
• Addresses
• Phone and fax numbers
• Email address (if you can obtain one)
• Services offered
Part Two (due in SESSION 5- worth 20% of the 35%):
From the above list, select at least six agencies that are of special interest to you. Include extra information (beyond what you included for the other 14) on each of the 6 you selected: This additional information should include:
• Mission statement
• Services offered
• Pamphlet of the agency
• Intake procedure
• Contact person
• Other pertinent information
Approach each of the 6 agencies for an informational interview (this might be done over the phone, in person, via video conferencing platform or via email). The point of the informational interview is to find out about the agency or service in general, and also to explore potential practicum opportunities that may exist there for you. You may not be able to get informational interviews with all 6, you are graded for the attempt to arrange one, not whether or not you are successful. Be sure to document your attempt. Ask your instructor how he or she would prefer you do this (your method of approach may well depend on the culture of the agency in question).
Write a brief summary of the informational interview discussion, why the agency interests you, and the outcome of the contact. Indicate the name, job title, and contact information of the person you contacted. Make sure that the agencies or services contacted are suitable for your practicum and are in line with the scope of the program and your abilities.

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