The presentations should center on either a specific social
problem area or a specific policy.
The policy I am focusing on is “The Mental Health Care
Healthcare Act (MHCA), 2017”
If starting from a policy:
1. Identify the policy
2. What social problem was it introduced to address?
3. What are the key goals of the legislation/policy?
What will it do?
4. Who are the key actors/stakeholders who support the
legislation? Who are the key
actors/stakeholders who oppose it? What is the debate?
5. What are the politics? (Which party supports it and
6. How has this policy responded or been impacted by the
COVID-19 pandemic?
7. If legislation has not been enacted-Where is the
policy at in the legislative process? What chances does it have of passing?
8. If legislation has been enacted- how effective has
the policy been in addressing the social problem?

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