The test will ask 4 essay-type questions about the different discussions we have had in class and the cases/reading we have done in class. You can choose to discuss and respond to 3 in detail.
This is a subjective outlet to see your understanding of the class and how it has impacted your decision-making.
The response should not be more than 2 pages per question or 6 pages in total.
11 Ariel font size, single-spaced. this does not include the appendix.
Make sure to add the actual frameworks and written reasoning of why you chose to do this framework in that specific way. If this exceeds the 2-page limit, move the frameworks to the Appendix.
Cite and source the class test. If sources or citations are missing then you will NOT get graded on this class test.
Questions for the test. Please choose any 3 out 4:
Imagine you are the Director of Self Driving Car initiative at Uber. There has been a push back about this initiative both internally from the Uber Drivers and externally from general people who think they are unsafe to be on roads. Prepare a strategy that helps Uber grow and keep this initiative while managing all the stakeholders. Make sure you do a thorough analysis of the pros and cons, a rational decision-making model walkthrough, the impact of this solution, and finally what the new stakeholders will be after your plan is implemented.
You are heading the US delegation at COP 26, the UN’s climate change conference. Summarize with frameworks and details, what action has been taken till now to mitigate climate change, what impact it has had, what can be done better, and how to implement it. Make sure to use the stakeholder analysis and rational decision-making model to walk us through your response.
You work in the governor of California’s office during this pandemic. Create a detailed plan that will help small businesses and people who would be most affected by Covid19. Make sure to use the stakeholder analysis, rational decision-making, and the specific impact this strategy would have on key stakeholders.
What can be done better to scale AY and make sure that their triple bottom line values are aligned? Which element did the problem occur at according to the 6 elements of organization structure? Create a rational decision-making model for the problem you have identified.

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