This assignment is one of the eight required assignments to pass ENC 3202.
Explanation of Linked Documents
Major Project Assignment Details: I’m providing again the full details for all components of the Major Project. However, for this module, you are only responsible for producing the Final Report. (Part III of the Major Project Assignment Details covers the Final Report requirements.) [Tip: Note that the assignment itself provides another example of layout and design options for a business report of the kind required for the Final Report.]
Sample Report Layout: This is a “Lorem Ipsum” layout. Lorem Ipsum is nonsensical Latin, used only to indicate where the text should go in a document layout. This layout also includes more “example” documents than I’m requiring for our class.
Student Example: A former ENC3250 student has provided her report as an example. Although this student produced a strong report, it’s not perfect! Also, note that for this student’s class, the assignment required SIX (not FOUR) documents.
Use her report as a model for the kind of report that you might produce, but please, do not copy her work! I’ve provided this report as an EXAMPLE, not a TEMPLATE. In other words, your report should reflect your own language, analytical points, insights, layout, and design aesthetics. If you find aspects of the report that you can improve upon, include the improvements in your own report.

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