This assignment is the DRAFT of your proposal for your focus area. The content of this assignment covers what you would submit to a board of directors for approval for a new program. Use the template provided to guide your writing. Do not do the abstract, introduction and conclusion at this time. You will include those components in your final draft. The finished proposal incorporating the feedback from your instructor will be submitted in Topic 8. Review the Writing a Proposal section of “Planning and Organizing Proposals and Technical Reports” – “Grant Writing” section in the Study Materials folder.
Write a 1,000-1,500 word draft of your program proposal. Include the following in your final proposal:
Theoretical support, applicable models, and impact of change
Cognitive, emotional, spiritual, motivational or skill-building methods, resources, and interventions that provide change for program participants
Proposed methods, interventions, programs and services intended to produce change
Risk and protective factors for treatment interventions and activities
Cultural and ethical considerations
Reference page with a minimum of eight references

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