This is it! The final assignment. Congratulations on getting through this accelerated course. Now it is time to reflect upon what you have learned. The Final Reflection consists of three responses. Response #1: What are the three things you will remember most about what you learned about Engineering Management? Response #2: After learning more about Engineering Management as a discipline, are you more likely to seek a management role in your career? Why or why not? Response #3: Is there anything you want to share with me about your experience in this class? Feel free to let me know anything that is on your mind about how this online course was structured. Or you can speak about your experience in this fast-paced, 8 week course. Did it reflect your learning style? Too quick? Too slow? Just right? You can discuss the EMBOK or videos as course materials. Or you can even say why you did (or didn’t) enjoy this course. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts on this course with me.

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