This week, we’ve entertained how appreciative inquiry, complexity leadership theory, systems thinking, inclusivity, and agility may be useful when navigating VUCA. Introduce your paper with the following information:Why might traditional leadership approaches to managing and leading a sustainable change be insufficient?What traditional leadership approach would you offer as an example?
What are the governing philosophies about change and the leader characteristics and behaviors described by this approach?
What example might you provide to capture this approach for your reader?
When does it work well? When does it not work well?
Consider why we must shift our thoughts about leading change. How do our sources introduce different approaches to understanding leadership and orchestrating change?
Then, in the rest of the paper, explore and develop the following questions:How do our sources pose different approaches to understanding leadership and orchestrating change? (You may synthesize the sources.)
Why do our scholars claim that it is important to consider distributed power, inclusive and interdependent systems, and adaptive models? Why? How do the sources you’ve encountered in the program and class demonstrate such a call? What evidence did they provide and do you find it compelling?
What real-life examples might you draw upon to support the scholars’ claims that such distributed power and complex, agile systems are better positioned for VUCA?
In a 3-5 page paper, please address the assignment questions, integrate our week’s sources (and other sources you believe enrich your illustrations), conversations, and experiences, and enlist current APA style and format (no abstract necessary).Resources:
Requirements: 3-5 pages APA format

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