assignment will enable you to explore the challenges and opportunities facing
managers responsible for operations in medium to large scale companies. These
managers will work for companies for whom ways of producing goods and providing
services is currently changing fundamentally as they respond to the following
four great challenges:
The digital revolution
The changing physical climate
The global shifts in economic power
The fallout from the global pandemic
Each of these will
have an impact on these companies to some degree, from machine learning to the
search for vaccines, and many more.
3. Identify, describe and evaluate the impact of the challenges on the firm’s requirements for human resources and for physical locations. (800 words)
4. Assuming that fundamental change will always carry the risk of impacts on quality, set out, describe and explain what methods the firm may employ to ensure that any negative impact on quality is minimised, and consistently high quality can be assured. (1,000 words)

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