Throughout the term we have been focusing on several key areas including but not exclusively: at what point does something become art? What are its features? What are the social processes that contribute to becoming art? What is its place in society? how does this happen and why? Does the product change when it becomes art? If so how and why? Who consumes the art before and after being declared as art? What is the impact of this on society?
For this project you will need to consider the above questions amongst others to determine how and why a product becomes art.
Choose a specific art type, genre or a specific piece and chart its evolution towards being defined as art. Use as many of the above questions or others you generate to demonstrate how an art type becomes art.
There are many different directions and additional questions you can answer for the assignment so these questions should be viewed as a starting point. Please remember that while there are descriptive elements of the assignment, it should be analytical at its core.

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