Watch the video clip from Mad Max: Fury Road posted below. Immortan Joe (the guy with the white hair and the gas-mask thing), the lord of The Citadel and leader of the War Boys, is looking for individuals from the wasteland to join his fanatical group of soldiers. The job includes a variety of tasks and responsibilities related to driving vehicles across the wasteland and using a wide range of weapons to raid and pillage vehicles belonging to enemies of The Citadel. There is even the possibility to specialize—for example, you could ride at the front of a war rig playing a flaming guitar. Suffice to say, the job position is open-ended, but at the very least it involves attacking people from moving vehicles. Using your own real-life experiences, write a short cover letter addressed to Immortan Joe applying for a position with the War Boys. Obviously, nobody here is qualified for this specific job, so you’re going to need tailor the explanations of your experiences to highlight your potential for violent car chases. Resumes and cover letters are all about being persuasive, so since nobody in this class has ever worked for a brutal warlord in a postapocalyptic wasteland, you’re going to need to be VERY persuasive. (Don’t lie, though!)

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