With so much happening today, I would like for each of you to write at least a 1 page essay, no more than 2 pages, reflecting back on your experience in this course, General Psychology. Your paper should be double space and typed in Times New Roman 12 font. You may use your book or any notes provided as a resource if you need to. Remember this is a self-reflection essay meaning I want to know your thoughts and growth. I have provided a list of questions that will assist you with the essay. Make sure to include responses to the following questions. You do not have to answer the questions in a specific order. Do your best to elaborate and explain in detail your true thoughts. Complete assignment in Microsoft Word and upload document.
Have you learned anything since taking General Psychology? If so, what?
What specific area of psychology would you like to learn more about? Why?
Where there any highlighted moments for you while in this class? If so, what?
Since you began taking General Psychology, what have you learned about yourself from this experience?
Have you noticed any changes in your thought process and/or behavior?
Have you discovered anything new or surprising about yourself?
What way(s), if any, has this class impacted your life?
Have you faced any life challenges or hardships while taking this class?

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