You will write a 1250 word (minimum) research paper on a topic in early American or US history through the Civil War. The paper requires you to critically analyze primary sources and research related secondary sources before writing the paper. In writing and researching your topic you will develop research and writing skills and synthesize knowledge. Students must also upload a document at the end of Week 5 detailing their thesis, an outline, and a list of primary/ secondary sources they plan to use and the paper topic they have selected for the assignment. The paper must have a clear thesis using at least two primary sources and two secondary sources. Please make an appointment to discuss the topic with me before beginning. The paper must focus on and analyze the primary documents in detail as well as frame their broader significance. Your paper must have a thesis and make an argument or a claim. The paper must include Chicago Style citations. Criteria for the paper are as follows:
1. Constructs a thesis statement based on your research (you are highly encouraged to discuss this with the instructor as soon as possible, correspond with the instructor on research/thesis development, and are required to submit an initial thesis proposal by Week 3, and an updated thesis proposal, outline, and a sample bibliography by Week 5)
2. Consults at least two primary and two valid secondary sources that help to develop a thesis based upon the primary and secondary sources.
3. Follows a conventional research paper format with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
4. Includes at least 1250 words of full typed text (excluding the bibliography in this count)
5. Adheres to Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) in the documentation of quotations and paraphrases. (For more on Chicago style, see the Chicago Manual of Style Online or Purdue Online Writing Lab Chicago Manual of Style.)
6. Includes citation (endnotes or footnotes) and a complete bibliography of all sources used for the paper.

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