Your Wk 5 – Summative Assessment: Specific Genre Writing assignment requires you to use what you know about writing and your imagination to select an audience, topic, purpose, and genre. You’ll use that information to create a piece of writing. Review the Wk 5 – Summative Assessment: Specific Genre Writing assignment instructions and select your assignment components. Refer to that information in your discussion response. Refer to the Genre Description Chart to refresh your memory about genres’ characteristics. Consider the audience, genre, and topic you selected for the Week 5 assignment and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: What is your topic? Why is it important to you? What inferences can you make about your audience? Who do you hope might read your piece of writing? What would you like your audience to do, know, or think after reading your writing? As the author, what can you control about the piece of writing? How do your choices (e.g., word choice, grammar, etc.) impact your readers’ experiences?

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