Resume and Cover Letter, along with your notes and explanations make up
your Midterm Project. The project is comprised of three parts, each
worth 50 points. Please submit all three parts as a single document.
Part 1: Research Notes and Explanations
You will
research different types of resumes and cover letters. Your notes will
include the different types you researched and your thoughts about them.
Your explanations will tell me why you chose the type of resume and
cover letter that you have submitted.
Part 2: Resume
You will create an accurate resume
following the template you chose in your research. I expect, regardless
of format, that your resume will be error-free, clear, and easy to
read. You must include the following sections: Education, Skills, and
Work/Professional Experience.
Part 3: Cover Letter
You will write a cover
letter, in the style you chose through your research, for a real job in
your field. You must include a copy of the job ad you have chosen to
write a cover letter for.

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