Describe the Covid-19 Pandemic, a current global and domestic issue and challeng

Describe the Covid-19 Pandemic, a current global and domestic issue and challenge that involves and impacts personal finance and financial planning.
After researching, you will write a short research paper that examines the Covid-19 pandemic issue.
The paper should address and answer the questions listed below:
What is the problem?
Where does it exist?
Why does it exit?
When did it begin?
What are the causes of the problem?
What is the ethical, economic, political or social implications of the problem?
Is it getting better or worse?
Does everyone see it as a problem?
When did the problem/issue begin?
Who has been affected?
How individuals, businesses, finances, and financial planning has been affected?
How did this pandemic affect the economy?
Were people affected financially? Explain how.
Discuss how you were impacted living in the United States?
How do you think you would have been impacted if you were finish with college and living international?
How were interest rates affected in the United States vs. Internationally (exchange rates).
Did this pandemic affect the housing market? How and what did you notice from your research regarding the housing market?
How is the pandemic being handled currently?
How are they handling the pandemic internationally with combating the problem/issue?
Name some of the ways domestic and globally how individuals reacted towards the pandemic.
List some steps individuals are doing to lower their chances with contracting the Covid-19 virus.
Express your opinion and feelings you encountered during the lockdown everyone had to adhere to during the heighten timeframe of the pandemic.
What mechanisms you think should be put in to place or put in order to avoid something like this from happening again?
How have experts suggested fixing the problem?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different interpretations and proposals to fix the problem?
Based on the background of this issue, what do you predict will happen in the future?
Given what you have learned, what do you think would be the best solution to the problem?
While applying the knowledge gathered over the semester of this course, evaluate possible solutions to the selected topic from the perspectives of ethical, economic, political and social implications.