After covering the first part of the project ( I will send you the first part of

After covering the first part of the project ( I will send you the first part of the project by sms) ( you wrote it), you are tasked to complete the last part of the proposal. You are now responsible for the following areas:
1-Proposed program/system/process that could address the issue. Look for third party solutions if possible.
•If a company can provide you with the solution to the problem, make sure to mention why you think that’s the case.
•Make sure to also list the company’s track record. Have they had experience working on something like this before?
•Vendors don’t like to get requests that don’t lead anywhere. Try, if possible to obtain the information from their website.
2-Potential risks involved in the execution of such project.
•Think of possible scenarios that could affect the implementation of your project, i.e. budget constraints, lack of time, pushback from the stakeholders.
•Some risks are unavoidable but could be mitigated. Try and find possible alternatives if such events were to happen.
-Think of this section as your closing argument, as to why this proposal would be the best option for the company to take.
-Focus on items like improved daily workflow, possible long term financial savings, etc.
-Proposals typically get sent to a financial office/owner, who for the most part will just understand the monetary gain from the project, thus, try and keep it as simple as possible.
There won’t be any peer review for this part of the assignment, but part of your grade will be based on your completion of the peer review from Part 1 of the project.
The second part of the project must be 2 pages long.
MLA format.
Font: Size 12
Either Calibri or Arial
1.5 line paragraph spacing.