Using the online library, Google Scholar, or other resources, locate eight (8) t

Using the online library, Google Scholar, or other resources, locate eight (8) total sources matching these types:
To assist with grading, please number your sources in this order. The sources included in this assignment must be high-quality sources that are relevant to the topic and appropriate for college-level research in IR/global studies.
Once you identify your eight sources, please provide the following information:
Step 1: Include your thesis statement at the top of the page. Your thesis is your answer to the research question you posed at the beginning of the quarter. It asserts the main argument you will be developing and supporting in your final project. This should be one sentence stating a claim that requires the support of your research. It is the claim that you are setting out to support with evidence.
Step 2: Provide an evaluation of each of the eight sources. For each one, list the following:
Cite. Name the type of source (book, scholarly article, etc.) and provide a full reference. You can use Chicago, MLA, or Turabian as long as it’s consistent throughout the document.
Summarize. Provide a short description of the contents of the source. This is purely descriptive — here you do not editorialize the source but simply describe what it contains. If it has an argument, state accurately what the argument is without stating whether you like it or not. Then mention what kinds of data or information the article provides to support itself.
Assess. Evaluate the strengths of the source using this checklist, the CAARP test. (You can find a detailed version of this list here:
Currency. When was the source published? Is anything outdated?
Authority. What are the author’s qualifications and credentials? What institutions or universities is he/she affiliated with?
Accuracy. Can you tell where the information came from? Has it come from a reputable source that you can verify?
Relevance. Who is the source written for? Does it relate to the field of study of your paper or another field? (Note: this is not the place to remark on whether the study relates to your thesis; the author(s) didn’t conduct their research with student papers in mind. Save the relevance to your research for the “Reflection” section).
Purpose. What is the author trying to do with his/her article? Is the goal to make an argument, to educate, to challenge an idea, or something else?
Reflect. State how the source serves your thesis and your research project (2-3 sentences). Articulate how the article has shaped your thinking about your topic and what arguments or ideas of your own it informs.
MY TOPIC: My research paper is to be about poverty and how Globalism is effecting poverty differently in different countries. Whether negative or positive this topic should expand the aperture in which I see the commerce in 3rd world countries.