All has to be United Kingdom based Havard style referencing References preferred

All has to be United Kingdom based
Havard style referencing
References preferred to be from online sources
Obesity is an ongoing issue affecting children within the UK. Analyse the effectiveness of the ‘Healthy Schools’ and ‘Change4Life’ campaigns. You should use relevant data in your response.
1. Evaluate the availability of health promotion and health education facilities in relation to one aspect of health
2. Evaluate the role of the media in respect to health promotion issues.
3. Analyse the effectiveness of a health promotional campaign
Fully accurately analyse relevant data relating to the effectiveness of the health campaigns. Draw reasoned conclusions from the data used and justify how the conclusions were reached. Evaluate the validity of the data used.
Present ideas fluently and coherently, with limited errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Develop an extended argument. Reference tasks using the Harvard System consistently. Include a bibliography showing a range of resources have been used, including resources that you have sourced yourself.
a. Explain the Health Model
b. With reference to the Health Model; How effective has the Change4Life      Campaign proved?
c. What other Models are applied/or can be applied to this Campaign?
d. What Media Channels do you feel are the most effective in this Campaign and why?
Work place Model
For the health being of the staff such as what is happening now with Covid
Why we are doing? What the population is? Why are we setting it up? Who is needed to do it?
What is the Short, medium, long term goal. Such as The goal is to make work place happy and well, maintain their workers wellbeing.
Create a very positive working environment
Apply to Covid, what does workplace have to do with Covid in respect to this workplace model such as what have the government done or introduced? (Uk government)
What did they do?
Explain work place model with reference to it speak about change4life campaign and how did it apply such as the work of place model with Covid how is it linked with change4life
How to improve work place (work place model)