Respond to ONE of the following questions: 1. How would you describe the current

Respond to ONE of the following questions:
1. How would you describe the current situation of women in
2. When looking at the situation of women in religion, what
has or is changing? and What still needs to change?
3. What might the situation of women in religion suggest
about the situation of women in the world at large?
First paragraph: Wrote a short paragraph that sets the context
for the paper. Underline the thesis statement, which should a
single sentence that is located as the last sentence in the first
paragraph. The thesis statement should succinctly state what you
plan to argue/explain as it relates to one of the three specified
• Second paragraph and following: Explain the imagery,
including words, shapes, symbols, and colors, and explain how
they support your thesis statement. Include parenthetic references
throughout the paper (Boursier 2020) as you connect your
collage to the themes that support your thesis statement, such as
“feminism is for everybody (hooks 2015).
• Parenthetic references throughout: Include parenthetic
references throughout your paper per academic rigor (Boursier
2020) to show the connection between the assigned sources and
your written statements.
• Works cited: Include all of the sources you cite in a fully
formatted reference list. If you do not cite it as a parenthetic, then
you do not include it in the works cited list (and vice versa).
• Closing paragraph: Restate the thesis statement and close with
what you consider to be the number one point of learning you
received during 2243. Do not use first person (me, myself, or I)
to do so. State the point of learning as fact, and include a source
or two in a parenthetic reference to back up your statement
(Boursier 2020; Robson 2013).
• No First Person: Do not use first person anywhere in the paper.
Use academic generic third person throughout. State the points as
fact, and use the sources with parenthetic references to document
and make the connection between the collage elements and the
academic texts