SUMMARY: Most television productions are created with the backing of networks, s

Most television productions are created with the backing of networks, studios, government agencies and production companies, who finance and manage the production. Getting one of those organizations to green light your idea begins with the pitch. It is your opportunity to explain what your idea is about and how you see it unfolding.
Whether you present in person or whether you are just sending in documents, the pitch is the key is to ensure the recipient walks away with a thorough understanding of the concept, a belief in the project, and confidence you and your team can pull it off.
You are to write a TWO-PAGE pitch for a TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY concept.
Choose an in-depth topic which you can analyze critically. This is an individual assignment.
(1) Write a logline, two to three sentences summing up in an engaging way what your documentary is about and why people will want to watch it
(2) Provide an overview of the idea and what makes it unique.
(3) Describe the style/mode of the documentary.
(4) Describe the question(s) your documentary is hoping to answer i.e. the show’s core.
(5) Describe the number and length of segments in your documentary. For each segment, describe what we will learn, who you’ll interview, and what we will see.
(6) Describe the format – how each episode will be structured, what productions elements will you use? – and the platform/channel which would be the best fit for your documentary and who is your audience?
(7) Who are the characters and what is the storyline?
(8) Include your research (names and links to resources).
(9) Include a one-paragraph bio about yourself.
This project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
– Topic and Question(s) to be answered
– Storyline/Characters/Format/Platform/Audience all explained
– Overall writing style
– Description of the core idea and unique qualities of the project
– Log line
– Accuracy of the content and research
In general, meeting all listed elements of assignment
Crafting a compelling and accurate personal Bio
– Grammar and Spelling