Add this part to the paper because it should be written based on this informatio

Add this part to the paper because it should be written based on this information and the website there, is also needed on this paper. You can start the paper base on this information I’m sending.Ineed to add three pages to this part of the paper.
I will incorporate scholarly articles full of facts about how puberty and body image affect boys and girls differently. I will research eating disorders. How social media affect impacts on the body image of
many people. The goal of my paper is to learn and share with my class how puberty affects body image negativity and positivity. According to my psychology book, girls are less likely to be happy in the stage of puberty. Especially with how their body image looks. Boys do not have the same impact compared to girls. Girls tend to gain more weight while experiencing puberty verse boys gain muscle. A study was done and both genders as they get older tend to be more positive on the view of their body image. (Santrock,2019) Throughout my puberty, I was one of the girls who was so dissatisfied with how my body image look in the puberty stage. Same goes for my teenage girls they feel that they have no control over their body weight changes. Unfortunately, puberty can start earlier in teens compare to years ago. Puberty happens at different times for everyone. Some girls start puberty as early as nine years old. Puberty can cause many changes in the body and the biggest one is weight. Therefore, girls are less happy than boys because gaining weight tends to increase throughout puberty in girls more than boys. Most boys tend to get hit a growth spurt and they become taller than most girls. While girls tend to gain approximately 40-50lbs throughout puberty. Another huge contributing factor to this is the menstruation cycle. Where a girl gets her period and that’s normal, when the body starts to gain weight in her hip and breast. A girl’s first menstrual cycle is the key to achieving a healthy body weight. This is the main thing that triggers many girls in the menstruation cycle. Boys tend to grow 12inches and gain about 50-60 lbs. (Puberty and boy’s body images. 2014).