Pick a victimization topic The chosen topic should be victim-focused (not perpet

Pick a victimization topic
The chosen topic should be victim-focused (not perpetrator or bystander focused).
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The chosen topic should be specific. Simply choosing “victims of sex crimes” is not specific enough. A better option would be “victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood,” or “victims of rape in the LBGTQ community,” or “child sexual abuse victims.”
Try and FOCUS your research
Conduct Research
This paper should be FACT based, not OPINION based. The sources of your information should be cited throughout the paper as well as listed in a reference section at the end of your paper.
Your paper MUST have a GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. You need to demonstrate how this victimization extends beyond our society, and impacts other societies/nations.
This paper requires at least 3-5 references. Three of the references must come from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, (your textbook can count as one scholarly source). If you are unsure how to conduct research using scholarly sources, please contact the CWI library for assistance (http://cwidaho.cc/current-students/library).
Your paper must include citations and references in APA format. If you are unsure how to appropriately apply APA format please visit the CWI Writing Center (http://cwidaho.cc/current-students/writing-center), and/or consult (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/).
Organize your paper
Your paper should have clear headings and/or subheadings.
Your paper should be divided into three main categories:
General information about the chosen victimization topic
The origins of this victimization
Statistics, definitions, etc.
How has this victimization, including the social, cultural, and legal response to this victimization evolved from historical to modern times?
Scope and consequences of the victimization
Who does this victimization impact?
How does this victimization impact those at the individual level? Societal level? Global level?
How is this victimization similar and different across societies?
What other social and cultural issues surround this victimization?
Medical, legal, political, education, work opportunity, etc.
Suggestions on how this victimization can be remedied, reduced, or repaired
What type of support do victims receive (or, what should they receive)?
Who should be accountable for supporting the victim? Reducing harm? Etc.
Ideas for resources or support that have not been previously addressed
What might the consequences (both intended and unintended) be if these solutions are implemented?
Concluding thoughts
Format your paper
Your paper should be:
3-5 pages, double spaced
3-5 References (at least 3 peer reviewed/scholarly sources)
Times New Roman font
1 inch margins
APA formatted
Free of spelling and/or grammatical errors (proofread, proofread, proofread!)
This paper should do more than just offer the reader a broad run-down of victimization. Instead, it should examine the social and cultural context of victims, and provide evidence of why this form of victimization deserves public attention, reparation, and resources. It should address the nuances of the victimization, demonstrate student understanding and comprehension, and illustrate the scope of victimization at various social levels.
Possible topics for your paper include the victims of: (OR THE TOPIC YOU SELECTED in Week 3)
Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo
Political threats
Malpractice deaths by doctors
Sexual abuse by religious leaders
Drug Cartels
BP Oil Spill
Wrongfully convicted
Victims of Police Brutality
Mass-shooting victims
Human trafficking
Those exonerated from death row
War Crimes
Children in violent cults
Sexual abuse while imprisoned
Organized crime
Internet bullying