Based on your proposal from Topic 3 and any feedback you may have received, writ

Based on your proposal from Topic 3 and any feedback you may have received, write a 1,000-1,250-
word paper that connects specific cultural communication patterns or practices to the history, values, and beliefs of that culture. You should focus on a culture of which you are not a member (e.g., you would not research GCU cultural communication patterns because you are a member of the GCU community). Your paper should integrate five reputable and authoritative sources.
The following journal article titles illustrate the variety of patterns or practices that your paper could
The Gift and the Common Good: A Chinese and Business Ethics Perspective
Acculturative Family Distancing and Depressive Symptoms Among Latinas: The Role of Intergenerational Cultural Conflict.
Engaging Malaysia: A Grassroots Approach to Inter/Intra-Religious Communication
Impact of Romantic Facebook “Crush Pages” on the Egyptian Youth
The Impact of Covid-19 to Indonesian Education and Its Relation to the Philosophy of “Merdeka Belajar”
This is not an all-inclusive list and you are free to pick any pattern or practice in collaboration with your
instructor. Notice that each of these articles addresses a communication issue and links it to cultural
distinctiveness. The focus of your paper is to present research on the history, beliefs, and values of a
cultural group and give examples of communication patterns or practices that are influenced by these histories, beliefs, and/or values.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

The scientific justification of your policy, you will have five (5) paragraphs (

The scientific justification of your policy, you will have five (5) paragraphs (introduction paragraph, three paragraphs of content and a conclusion paragraph). No more than 2 pages (800-1000 words), based on scientific literature, plus an additional (1) page of references. 12pt font, 1 line-spaced, submit using the Turnitin link provided here on Canvas. See the attached guide on tips
for writing your paper.
Title–The title should inform the reader about the subject and the target population of your proposed policy.
Introduction paragraph–why this policy is important. Who would benefit from your policy? Give statistics and factual information to help your audience understand the scope of the problem that your policy is trying to address.
Three main paragraphs –what do you expect to happen. Three (3) separate paragraphs. Each paragraph will explain the physiological or cognitive improvements that you expect to see in your target population based on your understanding of how stress affects physiology/cognition. Organize the paragraphs so that each paragraph covers only one subtopic. The first sentence of each paragraph should be the main point you are trying to make with that paragraph. The following sentences should provide support to that point. Organize the information within each paragraph starting with information that is more familiar to the reader or more general and then go into more specific.
Conclusion paragraph–what is the expected impact. How will your policy benefit society?
References–where the information from your paper came from. Every reference listed here must be also cited in-text and every citation in the text needs to be listed here. Please see this guide on how to format your references.
Plagiarism Policy: Plagiarism is a serious offense to the University Code of Conduct and it will not be tolerated in this course. If plagiarism is detected in any submission, you will not receive any credit for that assignment and it will be subject to an Academic Misconduct investigation. Please see here what is plagiarism and how to avoid it. You are by no means allowed to recycle a paper you wrote for another class. If you do, this will count as a zero. This is to be an original piece of work.
This the titke of my policy and explanation.
1. Health Policy for the Workplace.
2. In today’s society people spend most of the time working, and consequently frequent stressed. Companies should offer vacations, or more days off to employees. By doing this the would reduce not only stress, but health issues that comes with having chronic stress.
Use these articles as well as the ones attached:
1. title of the article :
The interaction between stress and positive affect in predicting mortality
In total there should be 7 articles.

Student used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion minimum, of thr

used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion minimum, of three
demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc.
demonstrated an understanding of course content and key concepts, as discussed
in the text. Learning
Theories offers a presentation
of learning and behavior theory, methodology, and research relating to how and
why humans and animals learn and behave as they do. The course provides a
historical and theoretical foundation of learning theory that is necessary to
fully appreciate modern forms of the psychology of learning. There is coverage
of classic experiments, contemporary research, and real-world examples to help
students confidently understand the learning process and its effect on
Student was able to
examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts.
Define learning, key terms, and major theorists related to the field.
Differentiate between learning and learned behavior.
Examine the processes
of memory storage, retrieval, and forgetting.
Analyze the various
principles, theories, and applications of conditioning, biological influences,
and traditional learning theories.
Demonstrate an
understanding of stimulus and cognitive control of behavior and the
modification of instinctive behavior.
proficiency with academic writing related to learning theories.
Student provided a clear and well-developed response to the
sources cited should follow APA style and provide enough identifying
information so that the reader can access the original material.

Assignment 1 is for you to look for a Research Article related to your major. On

Assignment 1 is for you to look for a Research Article related to your major. Once you have chosen the research, discuss what type of Research it is. Did the researchers use Surveys, Naturalistic Observation, or some other form? Did the research description sound like the description in the book or what sounded different to you? Once you have described the style of research, discuss the Validity and Reliability of the study. Were there any problems with either in the study you choose? What made the study Valid and Reliable? Or what made you think the study was not very Valid or Reliable?
Privide a 1 page (300 word min) write up regarding the research article you choose

A: The themes of knowledge and skepticism loom large in Early Modern philosophy

A: The themes of knowledge and skepticism loom
large in Early Modern philosophy: What do we know with any certainty, and
how? What must we remain skeptical about, and why? In
particular, do we know if there exists a world outside our minds or whether any
of our ideas accurately represent that world, and if so, which? Do
we have reason to trust the inferences we make from immediately observed states
of affairs to unobserved states of affairs?
B: Discuss these themes with respect
to each of the three philosophers, Locke, Berkeley, and
Hume. While comparing and contrasting their views on the topic, you
should say what motivates them to take the stance that they do — what
problems do they see? how do their answers to them flow from their basic
commitments? — and note what you take to be the strong points (if any)
and the weak points (if any) of their positions. Overall, which do you
take to be the most reasonable position, and why? (It’s okay for you to
take a noncommittal position on this, as long as you give your reasons for
that, too.)
C: This assignment is meant as a test
of your competence in understanding and articulating some key points
in the writings of these philosophers. Your essay should demonstrate a familiarity
with the relevant texts, and your discussion should be thoughtful,
clear, thorough and accurate. The importance of clarity cannot be