The fundamental values that inform how are democratic government is legitimated

The fundamental values that inform how are democratic government is legitimated and organized are enshrined on the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution of the United States.
Identify and discuss the basic ideals and principles of American democracy and how they are applied in our republican form of government.
Those ideals and principles are discussed in the first and second chapters of your textbook. You can also visit the following websites to read the original document in which these fundamental values were first stated and how they were later incorporated in the American Constitution:
The Declaration of Independence:
The Constitution of the United States:
Identify the most important Supreme Court cases and executive actions and their impact on law and on our society.
The history of the United States has been marked by the progressive expansion of voting rights and the protection of its citizens through legislation and Supreme Court decisions. At the same time, executive orders, particularly in periods of crisis led to the violation of individual rights. Throughout this module these issues are covered. In chapters 3 and 4 you will find the information you need to answer this question. You are also encouraged to visit the following websites for further details.
Supreme Court Landmarks –
15 Supreme Court Cases that Changed America –
Executive Orders –
NAACP was instrumental in the landmark case of Brown v Board of Education. Visit the web site to find information on the case that led to desegregation.

Annotated Bibliography and Final Paper Pre-Planning This week, you will determin

Annotated Bibliography and Final Paper Pre-Planning
This week, you will determine a policy for your Final Paper and begin your research regarding the policy of your choosing. It is important to remember that your paper should focus on a specific policy and that your paper will need to address the following components:
Historical and constitutional basis for the American government’s structure
The system of checks and balances
The various roles (e.g., public opinion, media, special interest groups, etc.) concerning public policy and elections
The voting system and election process
Prepare: Since this is the first step in developing your Final Paper, it is recommended that you review POL201 Assignment Guide  downloadbefore beginning this assignment. A model POL201 Final Paper template  downloadand the POL201 Research Guide are both provided for you within the online classroom to utilize when completing your Final Paper. You should also review the Week 2 Policy and Your Life discussion and the list of some possible policies found in the Week 2 DQ and Final Paper Policy Examples  downloadin your online classroom, before completing this assignment.
The first step to researching your Final Paper is selecting a specific policy for your paper, which was part of the Week 2 Policy and Your Life discussion. Your paper must focus on a specific policy that focuses on an aspect of the United States government and ideally, that relates to your major and future career. You should be able to find research that will allow you to support your ideas. If you have questions or would like your instructor to approve your policy, please email them directly and/or discuss with your instructor and colleagues in the Week 2 Policy and Your Life discussion forum.
Reflect: Once you have found a topic that interests you, you will begin the research for your Final Paper this week. In addition to establishing your topic and the thesis for your paper, you will also provide an Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) for four of the sources you intend to utilize to support your Final Paper. Each annotation should be a minimum of one full paragraph (five sentences) in length and should explain what the source discusses and how this links to your Final Paper topic. While your textbook can be utilized as a source, it does not count towards your four sources for this assignment. As your paper progresses, it is expected that you will find more sources to support your ideas for a minimum of eight sources are required for the final, with a minimum of five of those sources from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library databases. This research is necessary to develop a strong Final Paper. The following resources will help you to use the library effectively to find sources for your paper:
For guidance on using library databases to locate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles click on Help! Need Article (Links to an external site.) and then click the “How Do I Search for Articles” button from the Main Menu.
For guidance on identifying the types of sources you can use for academic research, watch this interactive tutorial on Evaluating Sources (Links to an external site.).
The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. Additionally, the POL201 Research Guide, located within the online classroom, is designed to help you find sources for your paper. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Be sure that the sources you are utilizing to support your ideas are valid, reliable, and not overly bias. For information on identifying information bias, watch this interactive tutorial on Subjective and Objective Statements (Links to an external site.).
Write: To complete the assignment, download the Week 2 Annotated Bibliography Worksheet  downloadfrom the online classroom to your computer, fill it out, and submit it via Waypoint. Within the worksheet, you will address your policy, find four scholarly sources to support your policy, and explain the significance of each of your four sources. Please be sure that each section is at least a full paragraph (minimum of five sentences) in length and fully addresses the questions presented. All references should be listed in full APA format and cited appropriately.
Scholarly Support
For help with Writing Basics (Links to an external site.) and Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.), please review the handouts and tutorials provided by the Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

10 page policy  brief on  Biden’s American Jobs Plan.  Papers should include the

10 page policy  brief on  Biden’s American Jobs Plan.  Papers should include the following:  title page, table of contents, executive summary, problem statement, definition of key terms, stakeholders, policy background,  comparison  to  similar  policies,  your  recommendation –including  pros  and  cons with impacts on stakeholders, implementation action plan for  your recommendation, evaluation plan with evaluation criteria for measuring success of your recommendation, reference page, and appendices  (if  applicable).

Answer all Questions 1. Should the Department of Defense and the military be re

Answer all Questions
1. Should the Department of Defense and the military be responsible for post-war nation-building or should this be primarily the function of others? Why or why not and if not then who? If not, then what should be the continuing role of the military?
2. Should the military services and their capabilities be more integrated functionally? Given cultural differences, why do we have 4 “air forces” ( Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines) and 2 “armies” ( Army & Marine Corps)? Wouldn’t more integration be more cost-effective? Would operational effectiveness be degraded?
3. Given the development of drone swarms, hypersonic and cyber weapons, should we continue to invest in force structure designed to counter a peer competitor (ie tanks, long-range bombers, large warships) or should we focus more on cheaper light, maneuverable, high tech and unmanned weapons in confronting the enemies of today? Do we need both?
4. Answer Question 4 in Snow pg 123. (ATTACHED)
Geopolitics and globalization have been described in the text as the yin and yang of the contemporary international system. what does that mean? discuss.
5. Answer Question 2 in Snow pg 151. (ATTACHED)
What are the constitutional powers provided to the executive branch in the area of national security? what are congressional powers? compare and contrast them.
I have attached reference pages to answer questions 4 and 5.
Book National Security by Donald M. Snow

Chapter 17 Montana ● What does it mean to be poor? Why is it that so many of th

Chapter 17 Montana
● What does it mean to be poor? Why is it that so many of the elderly are likely to be living in poverty? What
17: Social Welfare & Health Care, then post to the discussion board as prompted
are some of the innovations initiated by your state to deal with the poverty problem?
● How much does your state spend on welfare? Does your SLG spend too much on social welfare, compared
to other categories of government spending? Why/why not?
● Is the amount an individual gets low/high in your state? How is the state handling the health care demands of
the citizens compared to surrounding states?
● Has the state adopted the ACA and taken the Medicaid expansion? What has been the effect of this
decision on the people in that state?
My state is Montana

For this discussion, do some research and identify one prominent figure from the

For this discussion, do some research and identify one prominent figure from the Civil Rights Movement. Write two or three informative paragraphs about their contributions to the movement. Then answer these questions:
Why did you choose them versus someone else?
If more people knew about this person and their contributions, speculate on how this knowledge could inspire action today.