Read the following instructions below. Please meet the  word count. Absolutely n

Read the following instructions below. Please meet the  word count. Absolutely no plagiarizing! This discussion is due on today 07/25/21 no later than 10:00 pm. Thanks so much in advance.
When one interviews for a position, the matter is about competition. Have you considered any of the following? Remember, you need to shine. Consider yourself that sparkly object on the shelf, the one the interviewer simply cannot do without! Buj and Arcand (2021) suggest the following.
“5 Interview Secrets That Will Help You Beat The Competition
Focus On Your Unique Abilities. We all have something      we are really good at, and this is what you need to focus on during      a job interview. …
Provide Specific And Tangible Examples. …
Use Evidence And Concrete Examples To Back Up Your      Statements. …
Demonstrate Your Soft Skills. …
Forget About The Competition. (para. 1)

Analyzing and interpreting programs is another significant process of program ev

Analyzing and interpreting programs is another significant process of program evaluation. Conducting an evaluation means reviewing all sections starting with the introduction and background of the program to cultivate a detailed understanding of the program, then understanding the history and learning how it will affect the target population or community. Analyzing and interpreting the program also leads to developing cohesive goals and objectives, plus deciphering what to measure, and predicting possible barriers that will preclude a successful program. Furthermore, this process affords a better understanding of the design strategy and data collection and analysis.
In this assignment, you will continue working on sections for your final project. You will develop a matrix for this assignment.
Using the readings for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet for research, select scholarly references on three public health evaluation programs. You will use these references to support your responses. These references can be similar to the CDC publication, Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A Self-Study Guide.
Be sure to review public health programs in your state and include at least one program that addresses the health issue or health disease that you selected as your main theme or topic throughout the course. Use the following public health program matrix guide to analyze and interpret the three programs you selected.
Click here to download the Matrix Guide.
You will need to review, analyze, and interpret each program and use the matrix guide to address the following components:
State the title of the public health program evaluation and its author.
List the objectives and goals.
Explain the purpose of the program (summarize).
Describe the method and research data collection process (if applicable).
Explain the framework and why it was selected.
Address funding options.
Summarize the findings of the program and include a brief note providing your evaluation of the program.
Submission Details:
Fill in your information directly in the matrix. Submit one matrix for each public health program. Be sure to include a 100–200-word summary and evaluation of the program.
Submit your matrix in a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned

In this activity you will be honing your scientific argument skills to a razors

In this activity you will be honing your scientific argument skills to a razors edge.  For this assignment you will make short but irrefutable arguments for either side of each of the 3 following issues.  Each of the arguments should be no more than 1 page long and have proper citations for evidence from peer reviewed journals.
Short, meaning you have chosen the 3 lines of evidence or examples that completely prove your argument sound and valid. In addition to your 3 lines of evidence to support your side of the debate, you may provide 1 example or line of evidence that completely falsifies the other side of the debate (thank you Karl Popper). You should cite peer-reviewed sources for all your evidence.
Irrefutable means the argument cannot be proven wrong or argued against, slam-dunk, you win. This is far more challenging than it may appear and really demonstrates your ability consider both sides of an issue before making a stand. You should ask yourself which side of this issue has the better argument before you take a side.
The issues:
1) The anthropogenic role in Global Warming
2) The health risks of vaccination
3) The ethical, environmental or health risks of using genetically modified organisms

MAPP Model Needs Assessment and Identification of an FOA Presentation In this as

MAPP Model Needs Assessment and Identification of an FOA Presentation In this assignment, you will complete a public health needs assessment MAPP matrix template. Next, you will utilize the FOA that addresses the public health intervention that addresses your chosen topic. You will then create a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your chosen public health intervention and provides information about your MAPP matrix and the pertinent FOA.
Part I: Conduct an MAPP Matrix Needs Assessment
Conduct a public health needs assessment using the MAPP model. It will result in a MAPP matrix, which identifies a public health need in which you are personally interested.
All MAPP information can be obtained from the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) Web site at the following:
National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). (2012). Mobilizing for action through planning and partnerships (MAPP). Retrieved from
Four assessments of the MAPP model and the issues they address are described below:
Community Themes and Strengths Assessments: This assessment results in a deeper understanding of the issues that residents feel are important by answering the questions:
a. What is important to our community?
b. How is quality of life perceived in our community?
c. What assets do we have that can be used to improve community health?
Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA): This assessment focuses on all the organizations and entities that contribute to the public’s health. The LPHSA answers the questions:
What are the components, activities, competencies, and capacities of our local public health system?
How are the essential services being provided to our community?
Community Health Status Assessment: This assessment identifies priority community health and quality-of-life issues. Questions answered include:
a. How healthy are our residents?
b. What does the health status of our community look like?
Forces of Change Assessment: This assessment focuses on identifying forces such as legislation, technology, and other impending changes that affect the context in which the community and its public health system operate. This answers the questions:
a. What is occurring or might occur that affects the health of our community or the local public health system?
b. What specific threats or opportunities are generated by these occurrences?
Part II: Identify Funding Opportunity
After you have completed your public health needs assessment matrix template, you will create a presentation that addresses the following:
Identify your chosen public health intervention that relates to your MPH coursework.
Explain how (using the MAPP Model) you completed the matrix template to identify your chosen public health intervention. 
Explain why the intervention is an important initiative.
Identify whom the intervention will assist (target audience).
Explain the general requirements of the FOA.
Describe, at a high-level, your intended approach in response to your chosen public health intervention, if awarded this grant.
Develop an 8–10-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Be sure to use speaker notes at the bottom of each slide to provide detailed information. If you know how to insert an audio file, feel free to use that approach as well. Your goal is to fully inform your audience about your chosen public health intervention and chosen FOA. Utilize at least 3–5 scholarly sources in your research and be sure to include a references page. Cite all sources on a separate page using APA standards. Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

Please see attached powerpoint for instruction. A paper and powerpoint is needed

Please see attached powerpoint for instruction.
A paper and powerpoint is needed for this assignment.
This is a three part project, part 1 and 2 have already been completed. I’ve attached part 2 (assignment 2)
Feedback for assignment 2 from professor:
(a) The following 2 statements only have one variable in each research question,
(b) the vulnerability to diabetes is an outcome and can’t be considered as your variable affecting diabetes.
(c) Which variable in the secondary dataset will be used to identify your SES?
(d) each research question needs at lease 2 variables plus the variable “year”
To what extent does the ethnicity of the people of Bronx impact their vulnerability to diabetes?
Is the social-economic status of the people of Bronx a contributing factor to their developing diabetes?
student can use the variable “insurance” to justify the relationship with SES.