Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development multi-part question and need

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
DL Prototype Final Submission
Read DL Prototype Instructions first.
Submit your DL Prototype site address here.
DL Prototype Instructions
Deliverables | Grades | Omeka Resources
You will use the Omeka platform to develop a digital library prototype, which includes digital collections and online exhibits of digital materials (such as digital images, audio, and video).
Sign up for a free-trial Omeka account and set up your Omeka site.
Build at least one collection that contains at least 10 15 items; if you want, you can add more items to your collection or build more than one collection. Your items can be photographs, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, sound recordings, motion pictures, etc.
Describe each item using at least 9 metadata elements. You will employ the following metadata guidelines to guide your metadata records creation processINFO5740 Omeka Metadata Guide Download INFO5740 Omeka Metadata Guide
(Links to an external site[Title, Description, Subject, Format, Type, and Rights are required metadata element[Title, Description, Subject, Format, Type, Rights are required metadata elements]
Create at least one exhibit, which is a guided tour through your items, complete with descriptive text and customized layouts, using the items you added to the collection.
Using a simple page plugin, create an “About” page, which includes:Description of your collection(s): what they are about, items included, copyright status of items, etc.
Description of your metadata creation: how you arrived at your decisions regarding what metadata fields to use and how to fill out those fields
Description of your exhibit(s): what they are about and what kind of content they contain
1. Warm-up Exercise (1 point)
Expose yourself to Omeka, which will be served as a platform for your DL Prototype assignment; take a brief tour. [Video (Links to an external site.)]. And e xplore http://omeka.org/codex/Sites_Using_Omeka (Links to an external site.) and/or http://info.omeka.net/showcase/ (Links to an external site.); choose the site you like most and post the name and address in your group Slack channel/explain what you like about the site. More information will be given later.
2. Proposal (2 points)
Submit your proposal. You will describe:
Types and content of materials to be collected
Need and significance of your DL prototype, and
Target audience
3. DL Prototype (24 points):
You will submit your DL Prototype website address in the assignment submission. Your DL Prototype will be graded based on a number of criteria. Refer to our DL Prototype Checklist Download DL Prototype Checklist.
Your DL prototype counts as 27 points, 27% of your course grade.
Late submission: Your DL Prototype received after the due date will incur a 1-point deduction penalty for each day late unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Omeka Resources
Our Omeka Tutorial Download Omeka Tutorial and our Online Session will walk you through all of the steps of developing a digital collection in Omeka. See also “Help for Omeka.net” (Links to an external site.)
Case Study:
Hardesty, J. L. (2014) Exhibiting library collections online: Omeka in context. New Library World, 115(3/4), 75-86. [LINK (Links to an external site.)]
Brennan, S. (n.d.). Building histories of the national mall: A guide to creating a digital public history project [LINK (Links to an external site.)]

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development project and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development project and need support to help me learn.
This is an individual project to develop a website.
➢ Project Topic will be given to each student by the teacher.
➢ Use Microsoft Expression Web 4 to develop a standard website.
➢ Your website should contain at least 6 pages including the home page.
➢ There should be hyperlinks between pages.
topic is: pet animals

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development question and need an explana

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Begin your first Pacific Trails Resort assignment. The assignment begins on page 63 and ends on page 66 of your textbook. You can download the attached file for the source file. This assignment takes time to complete so please start early. You will receive a complete/incomplete grade for this assignment. 90% of the assignment must be completed for credit. Upload both your completed index.html and yurts.html files to this assignment. Do your best to get your assignments completed on time as they will build throughout the semester. Use the HTML Validation website (Links to an external site.) to help you find errors in your HTML code this is the template file file:///Users/diontaidammond/Downloads/template-2/template.html

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development test / quiz prep and need an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Part 1 10pts due 4/17Download ResourcesView Intro Javascript and Pseudocode.ppt and view chbackcolor.htmlin an editor and browser.Modify chbackcolor.html to use a differentwebsafe color, Zip it and submit it as Wk 11 Javascript Part 1Part 2 10 pts due 4/17View Programming 1: Calculations.pptReminder: in code * means multiplication and / means division,View add2nums.html and try inputting numbers and clicking on the button.. Try 3numberavg.html too. Study the code in the files. Review formsYou should see what code inputs information from the form, converts that information to a number, does the calculation and outputs the result of the calculation back to the form. On the form, in the body, there should be a text box for each input and output and a button to start the calculation on the input from the form and post the output to the form.Using 3numberavg.html as a model, create the file fourlegs.html by editing 3numberavg.html. It should have a form and a Javascript function patterned after 3numberavg.html that calculates the number of legs on a truckload of 4 legged chairs, given the number of chairs in the truck as input. Test your code and correct it if it’s wrong. Ask questions if you’re stuck. Zip and submit the file fourlegchairs.html as Wk 11 Javascript Part 2. You should be able to decide on the input(s) and output and translate the calculation into Javascript. Testing: You need to try your code out, that is, test it, to see if it works. Try it with a couple of different sets of data to see if thecalculation is done correctly. If not, modify the program and test again. One set of data is 100 for chairs and legs should calculate to 400Part 3 20 pts, due 4/24Calculations based on decisions based on quantitative conditions that are specified by relational expressions. Reading and following the logic of flowchartsRead about flowcharts in the Decisions powerpoint. Find the resulting value of the variables A,B,C, for the max3 numbers flowchart with each of the given data sets A,B,C 1) 5,10,15 (2) 10,15,5, (3) 15, 5, 10, substituted for the variables A,B and C. Follow the flow of the logic step by step. You will have to make a second decision after making a first one, Each decision is either true or false and based on a comparison of two pieces of data. Remember A>B false means A<=B true (or B>=A true) This flowchart describes an algorithm for finding the maximum of the three numbers in variables A,B,C. Use the flowchart, Do the answers make sense? Now try the flowchart Tuition Flowchart.docx for three different sets of data. Each set of data consists of an upper case state name abbreviation and a number of credits, from 1 to 18. Students from CT, NY and NJ pay instate tuition at WCSU. T is the tuition that is calculated. Use the following for data: 1) CT, 12, 2) NY,10, 3) FL, 10. Hand in the data with the resulting tuition calculated using the flowchart for each in a Word file tuit.docx as Week 13 Javascript Part 3 flowPart 4 10 pts, due 4/24 Draw a flowchaet (with Word or on paper or another way) and take a photo or save it and submit it. The flowchart should 1. Input a number into variable T that is a test score 3. Make a decision iif it is a pass of 60 or more and 4. Write a message as to whether the test was either a pass or fail. Submit a file PassorFail.docx or PassorFail.jpg or some other format.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development writing question and need an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.After reading Lesson 10, complete Optional Lab 10-1: Evaluating Multimedia Site Design Principles. The lab will be located within Chapter 10 in the Optional Lab section.
Go to the website www.atlantis.com, enter your responses to questions 7–15 from Optional Lab 10-1 in one Microsoft Word document. The Word document containing your responses must be at least one page in length.
Who is the audience and what is the message? Does this site seem to be well-designed for the target audience? Does it serve its purpose in conveying the information a user would visit to look for?
Which multimedia elements fit into the interface and complement the message?
What types of tools and expertise were needed to create the multimedia elements and author this Web site?
What do the site developers want users to do when they visit this site? Is the Atlantis site designed effectively to accomplish this goal?
What is the navigational structure of the Web site?
Is this site designed with the target audience’s viewing capability in mind?
What site features make this evident? Is a text-only or low-resolution graphic mirror site provided? How will users access it?
Is this site accessible to users with disabilities and/or specialized software? In what ways? What alternative content is offered for greater accessibility?
What is your overall impression of this multimedia site design? Does it use multimedia effectively and appropriately? What elements might you replicate in your own design? What elements might you improve upon? Do you think this site is capable of bringing users to the heightened state of complete engagement discussed in this lesson? Why or why not?
Requirements: at least one page in length   |   .doc file