We discussed the Internet of things (IoT) which in a nutshell describes the network of
physical objectshardware/softwarethat are embedded with sensors, software, and other
technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data (i.e. information) with other
devices and network systems. These devices range from ordinary household objects to
sophisticated industrial tools.
Please provide me an example of one these objects and/or industrial tools and explain how
that one item either uses either sensor technology, software or some kind of unique technology.
Please be specific and sure you tie in the following elements of IoT:

        • Senor technology does it use it and how?
        • Computing platform how do customers or and business access the platform?
        • Does it include smart technology or artificial intelligence (AI), if so, how exactly?

Please make sure that you are formatting citations within APA guidelines.  Your submission should be prepared at a minimum 3 pages Word document but not longer than 5 pages double-spaced. Times New Roman font, 12 pitch, double spaced.  Title page and the reference page are required, format your in-text citations and reference.

Research & Technical Approach


Post a summarized write up of theirResearch and Technical Approach towards their Capstone Project. Assignmentshould reflect a minimum of 200 words for each question posed.

The summary should include the following: 

  • How you intend to conduct your research? Explain
  • What you intend on researching? Be specific
  • What you envision the technical components of your capstone project proposal will consist of?

Project Proposal Attached below

Policy Memo

Based on their policy memo, students will prepare a 5-min presentation appropriate for a practitioner discussing their policy proposal. The presentation should serve to inform the leaders of a law enforcement agency on the pros and cons of the strategy in terms of evidence-based practice and offer recommendations for how best to implement and assess the strategy.

This is supposed to based on the memo 

Short answers

Week 8 Resources

Chapter 8
“Dirty Cops and Police Misconduct”
Interview with Modesto, CA Police Chief Mike Harden
Internal Affairs: Protecting the Integrity of the Badge
  • Video Discussion: Good internal affairs practices help protect the integrity of a police department. Correct handling of internal affairs complaints protects both citizens and law enforcement personnel.
Chapter 7
Kerner Plus 40: Change or Challenge: Parts 1 and 2
  • Kerner Plus 40: Change or Challenge
Chapter 6 
20/20: Police Privilege and code of Silence part1
20/20 investigation of police “Code of Silence”—the Blue Wall of Silence
“Dirty Harry—Do You Feel Lucky”
  • Movie cut from the Dirty Harry movie
Reality Training: Encountering a “Suicide by Cop” Situation
  • Video of standoff between police and subject who appears to be armed and with no intention of complying with officers