The typical Discussion begins with a concise wrap-up of the salient results and then goes on to explain
what they mean. It is not considered good practice to complain about the small sample size or make other
excuses about the quality and quantity of the data (when relevant to your study). Do the best you can
interpreting what you have. It goes without saying that more data would be desirable. Try to save the most
speculative ideas for last and focus on the applications of the results to what is known (has been
published) on the subject. Try to keep a broad perspective. Your discussion will be easy to follow for the
reader if it is organized around the objectives of the study. Think clearly and write concisely!
Write a Discussion/Analysis part of a research paper on effects of legalizing hard drugs in Canada and how
much more revenue the CRA would get/why it may be a good idea from academic journals/sources

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