THIS IS A CASE ANALYSIS, THE QUESTION IS HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DOCUMENT, THE CASE IS RIGHT UNDER THE BLUE QUESTION, AND THE COURSE NOTES (6.4.3) IS AFTER THE CASE AND THE HEADER WHERE IT STARTS SAYS 6.4.3 IN BIG FONT (You can use the control f function on your keyboard to find it easier). So in the document you have the question in blue, the case right under, and the course notes from 6.4.3 with the header 6.4.3 right after the actual case. Use Both the case and the notes from 6.4.3 to answer the question in blue. The only source needed to reference will be these course notes (6.4.3), make sure to use them throughout and connect back to them. The intext citations are provided throughout the notes so please incorporate them!, don’t forget a bibliography. This is very important and worth 30% of my mark. I would really really appreciate if its done well!

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