For the final section, articulate the theoretical approach you will use (the integration of at least two theories) in this group. As part of discussion of your theory, this section should cover:
• the key concepts that you will utilize from each theory
• your role(s) as group leader in this approach – your tasks (don’t neglect what we’ve learned from Yalom on process, here-and-now interactions, etc.)
• role of group members in this approach – what are their responsibilities?
• the therapeutic goals for this type of group – What sorts of goals would the members of this group be likely to set for themselves (or what would you want them to set for themselves)?
• techniques and methods of the approach that you will use
• stages of group development according to this approach — how will your group evolve over time?
• limitations of this theoretical approach
The summary charts in Chapter 17 of your text should be useful in thinking about these dimensions of a group. However, do not give a summary of textbook content. Rather, demonstrate your own understanding of the models you have integrated and write from your own thoughts and observations. You can also see Chapter 18 of your text for ideas, but do not duplicate Corey’s personal integrative approach as your approach. Be original and show that you are able to synthesize, integrate, and conceptualize a model that will help you work effectively as a group leader.
• Show how your theoretical model fits your specific population. Be creative and original in your thinking here! What does your specific population need? You may want to discuss the expected stage of change of your members (precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance) and/or the level of change (symptom, cognition, interpersonal conflict, family/system conflict, intrapersonal conflict) targeted by your model, and how these are appropriate for your population.
• Address the implications of your approach for multicultural practice in general, and its fit with the diversity you expect in your population

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