select an incident relevant to OHS issues in Canada (Preferably
Ontario), covered by print/online news media within the last five years. Write
a maximum 2500 words report that provides the following:
1) a summary of a
health and safety incident that was reported in print/online media.
2) an
analysis of the relevant health and safety legislation
3) a conclusion
about how this event could have been avoided and what safety measures should be
in place to prevent it in the future. Attach or imbed the article/video in your
Summary: Is the summary of the incident clear
and provided in students’ own words? Does the summary clarify the severity and
importance of the incidents concerning its moral and economic consequences for
the company, community, and society? Is the context of the incident clearly
described in terms of industry, province, time frame, workers affected, and so
Relevant O&S legislation: Are relevant OH&S
legislations identified and discussed in the context of the incident?
Conclusion: Are the suggestions about how the incident
could have been avoided informed by the legislation and models and methods
discussed in this course? At least two suggestions should be provided. The key
is to explain why and whether the suggested interventions could have been
effective in avoiding the incident. The suggestions should be convincing and practical
and make sense to the reader
Grammar and mechanics: Is the analysis free of severe
and distracting grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors? Are all the
sources correctly cited according to the requirements of the APA referencing
– 12 point times new roman font
– Double Spaced
– References and Citations IN APA

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