Purpose: In Unit 4 we have been learning about inhibitory control. We have also learned about ways to measure it. In this assignment, you will get the opportunity to now work on improving your inhibitory control in a specific area of your life. As with assignments 1 and 2, in this assignment you will implement a strategy over 2-3 days aimed at improving your inhibitory control, and then you will write a final assessment of your strategy and its outcomes. Please read the instructions below carefully.
Task: Identify something specific in your own life, academic or social, where you would like to improve your inhibitory control. First, consider how you rely on inhibitory control in this area of your life. Then, create one strategy that would improve your inhibitory control as it relates to the situation that you want to improve in your own life. For example, you might struggle with procrastination, or have difficulty controlling your television or internet intake. Make sure you can explain how your plan specifically relates to the situation you want to improve.
Apply this strategy in your own life over at least 2-3 days. Spend 20 minutes each day to reflect on your experience in a journal (you might consider writing about it in your Writing Journals for Expressive Clarity!). Be sure to also reflect on the experience once you are done applying the new strategy over 2-3 days. Use these reflections to help you write up your final assessment of your strategy. (See Submission Requirements below.)
It is important to measure your efforts, so don’t forget to:
Take an inhibitory control test (for instance, the Stroop or Flanker task – or another test as appropriate to your strategy) to get a baseline score.
Implement your strategy for 2-3 days. Take notes about it.
Take the same inhibitory control test on the 4th day to see if there is any difference in your overall inhibitory control.
**Submission Requirements: **As with the previous assignments, please respond to each of the following questions in a final assessment. Keep your discussion and assessment of your strategy to no more than 600 words total.Please make sure you answer the following questions:
Which application of inhibitory control in your life are you attempting to improve?
What will be the benefit to you of this improvement?
What was your strategy and how did you apply it?
How did you measure your success?
How successful was your strategy based on your measurement and your personal experience?
Assignment worth: 17.5% of the total grade for the course
Assignment Information
Learning Outcomes Added
improvecogcapacities: Design and implement methods to successfully improve one’s own and/or other’s cognitive capacities.
describecogcapacities: Clearly describe cognitive capacities, such as executive functions, and their importance in real world situations.

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