The Nonprofit Sector Analysis is an overview of the nonprofit industry in Pittsburgh in
which your chosen nonprofit operates. Each person in the group should complete their
own Nonprofit Sector Analysis. It should focus on Pittsburgh, the nonprofit sector in
general, and the specific niche your nonprofit serves. This essay is worth 50 points,
should be between 2-4 pages, and include the following:
1. Start with a brief overview of the sector. Define the sector in terms of
historical background, the geographic area it services, and the services it
provides (10 points).
2. Review trends and patterns in the sector (10 points).
3. Identify factors that influence the sector. These might include government
regulatory policies and services provided by competitive or complementary
nonprofits. Clearly identify competitive and complementary organizations
(10 points).
4. Make predictions both short and long term (10 points).
5. Describe how your nonprofit can position itself in the sector in both the short
and long term (10 points).
*requires online research

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