This argument or persuasion essay should be 3 – 4 pages typed in correct MLA format. A Works Cited page is required. I will not be using a rubric to grade this essay.<
Your topic must be a unique topic and not one that is found when googling “college argument or persuasion paper.” <
Utilizing knowledge you have gained through reading Chapters 8 and 13 in the textbook, PowerPoint presentations, and video lectures, craft a well thought out paper persuading a reader to your point of view or arguing your position on an issue.<
Analyze the issue – what are you arguing for or trying to persuade?<
Present 3 points supporting your position<
Present one counterargument<
Address a rebuttal to that counterargument<
Make sure you have a strong introductory paragraph containing your thesis.<
Make sure you have a strong conclusion paragraph.<
Include at least two direct quotes with proper MLA style parenthetical citation.<
Include a Works Cited page. Each source on your Works Cited page should have corresponding parenthetical citations in the essay for all specific information that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.<
At least two of your sources must be obtained from the college library (online or in person).

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