This written assignment should contain the following information:
General Plan Requirements
What type of emergency is taking place that is requiring evacuation from the operating room?
Describe the operating room layout.
Is your scenario taking place during normal working hours or is it after hours with only a few on-call employees present?
What type of patients are being transported?
Assigned responsibilities and roles of team members. Who is responsible for what action during the drill?
How were staff trained prior to this evacuation drill?
Activation of the Drill
Define the exact parameters of the emergency.
Discuss who made the decision for departmental evacuation. Discuss the communication that needs to take place with other departments.
Define the type of evacuation that is occurring. (vertical, horizontal, external, etc.)
What is the exact route that the staff and patients will take to the reunification site? What potential problems may occur along this route?
Describe what transport equipment will be needed to safely evacuate surgical patients.
What other equipment may be needed to accompany surgical patients during evacuation?
Consider other scenarios that may arise during evacuation, such as power failure, and how that would affect your evacuation plan.
Identify how any necessary drugs, including controlled substances, may be transported with the patient.
Identify how patients will be kept safe during the evacuation process and while at the reunification site.
List any necessary equipment and supplies that will be needed to care for your patient during the evacuation process. You will need to consider their continuity of care even once they’ve arrived at the reunification point. (ventilators, ambu-bags, gloves, anesthesia equipment, flashlights, etc.)
Identify how communication is maintained with all operating room staff members.
What resources need to be available for contact precaution or isolation patients?
It is very hard to know with complete certainty whether a drill is functional until it is truly tested. But with all the previous information considered, how confident would you feel that your drill would work if put to the test in a real emergency evacuation? Do you foresee any problems that may occur with your plan?
What did you learn from this writing assignment? Was it beneficial to you to look at an evacuation plan for your department in detail? Do you think you would be better prepared to handle a departmental evacuation as a surgical technologist if the situation arose?
Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman font
A header with your name
There is no page or word requirement. Just ensure all information is discussed in detail
Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

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