You will complete these sections of the Marketing Project for this part (any citations/refrencences/researarch should be from the U.S.).
you will develop some evaluation metrics, and controls, an implementation plan, some financial projections,
Part 1: Evaluation Metrics and Controls
section should include a description of what are the criteria for success of
the plan, and how you will measure that success.
What controls would be used to help you maximize the gains? for example, a control for a social media marketing strategy might be the age demographic. You may measure 2 age demographics for an online marketing campaign for a product. You may find that while one age group likes and comments on your post another age group actually downloads and uses the coupon code to make a purchase. Using this control where would you put more funding? The metric here is coupon downloads and usage, the control here is the age demographic.
Part 2: Implementation Plan
This is your vision for rolling out this marketing project.
Review your goals and then consider the most effective approach for achieving those goals within the timeframe of 6 months to 1 year.
What needs to be done first, second, third, etc. How long will it take? Can parts of the project be done simultaneously? What are the benefits of implementing your strategy in this manner?
Part 3:Financial projections
MUST include some numbers. Please do not just say, for example, “I believe this will help the company increase its revenue.” That will not be sufficient.
You should at a minimum be able to determine a general budget for your strategy and itemize the amount of revenue projected from each area.
You must include a table or chart for this section ( consider 2 pie charts, 1 for the budget and 1 for the projected revenues)Implementation plan
Note: If you find it difficult to project revenue from your strategy then it is possible that you do not have a measurable strategy. For example a Billboard is a marketing strategy but the direct revenue from a Billboard cannot be effectively measured. However, social media is another possible marketing strategy that can be measured. But likes and comments are not measurable revenue components.
Do some research to support your strategy and add them to your reference list. You MUST add at least 1 table and graph to display your financial analysis as an Appendix or within the section.
Part 4: Appendix
The final section(s) offers additional information that might be of benefit,
such as a list of key personnel, data limitations that may influence the
findings, and suggestions of the plan, relevant legislation, and so forth.
Reference Page Your reference page needs to be in APA format (see
What to include in your submission
Your assignment submission should include:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
reference list
In-text citations
**Summary of the business being used below. (I have attached current company and industry overview along with swot analysis.)
The business I am choosing for my Marketing Project is Valpro Custom Painting ( This company is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that specializes in residential and commercial painting. I have attached a rubric for this portion of the project, also I have attached information about the company and industry overview that may help.

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