Consider that you are the buyer evaluating a supplier. Select a recent purchasing experience that involved both a product and customer service provided by at least two different suppliers to you as the buyer. Briefly explain the product and service provided. For example, purchase of food from a fast food restaurant or purchase from an online store. Using a rating scale of 1 = Poor, 3 = Average, and 5 = Excellent, create a weighted-point supplier measurement and evaluation system similar to the one presented in the Chapter 9 with performance categories and weighted sub-categories that represent their importance to you. Then score your experience and calculate the weighted score. Evaluate the suppliers based upon your results by answering the following questions: Which supplier performed best? Which supplier performed poorly? Would you use either supplier again? If so, why? How could either supplier improve their score? Provide any other information you discovered from the data.
Note 1: In order to earn credit for your answers to the problems, you are required to show all supporting work. You will be expected to use Microsoft Office applications (Excel and Word) when showing your supporting work.
Note 2: If the problem asks you to draw an illustrative figure such as a chart, graph, or diagram, please do so in order to earn credit.

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