In your initial post, identify a passage from one of the memoirs or a passage from the Invisible Man excerpt that intrigued your imagination and provide a brief (one to two sentence) explanation. Then select one of the discussion questions to begin a closer examination of the texts in your initial post. In follow-up posts throughout the remainder of the week, respond to your colleagues and explore as many of the remaining discussion starter questions as possible.
Consider the tone and language (consider especially the connotative meaning of words here) of the memoirs and novel excerpt. Identify two similarities and two differences you noticed that affected your experiences as a reader. Briefly describe the effects of the tone and language had on you as a reader.
What food-related themes emerge from two of our readings that you found most important? How does the structure of each of the narratives introduce and develop the theme?
All of the memoirs relate to a time that is not within your lifetime. What role does the food(s) that are an integral part of each narrative play that allows us to relate?
Should the poem “Perhaps the World Ends Here” be considered as a memoir? Why? Why not?
What connections can you make to Babette’s Feast, the biblical passages, and some of the other texts we have covered so far that help us to better understand the importance between food and memory?

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