This is the first step toward your final research paper. A paper is written by beginning with the
topic, initial research of primary and secondary sources, the formulation of a thesis statement,
and building an outline. These are the main aspects of this assignment. The rubric will also
require a brief preliminary conclusion.
Each student will submit a 1–2-page proposal which includes a thesis statement, preliminary
outline and conclusion, and a preliminary bibliography listing no less than 2 primary and 4
secondary sources. Sources must follow current Turabian format. A sample proposal is included
in the module. No title or other front matter should be included.
• A thesis statement is a single sentence that tells the reader what you will attempt to argue
or prove (no introductory paragraph)
• The outline should be 3 levels deep (each section should contain a main point, sub-points,
and sub-sub-points)
This proposal should reflect a clear focus of the topic you chose earlier in the term.
Be sure to focus your topic to a clear historical context revolving around a person, event, period,
etc. Avoid general summaries of the chosen topic. Narrow your focus so as to allow depth in
your research and writing. This focus will help you locate adequate primary sources. As noted
previously, remember that this is a history class and that you need to write a history paper. You
may include biblical and/or theological analysis but that cannot be the sole focus of your paper.

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