A requirement for a perfectly competitive market is that the sellers sell identical products (consumers don’t care who makes the products sold in that market). Think about this from the perspective of the seller. What are the benefits of this? What are the drawbacks? Address these questions in your discussion thread post. You can use a specific product (e.g., bushels of corn) in you discussion if you wish or you can write about generalities.
Also, respond to at least two threads created by your classmates. In your responses, you can suggest additional benefits and/or drawbacks for the products referenced in their posts or critique the benefits or drawbacks they proposed.
Your initial post is due by Wednesday 11:59PM. Your response posts are due by Sunday at 11:59PM.
Don’t forget your netiquette! Your posts and comments should be thoughtful, respectful, and on topic. Also, your responses and posts should be in complete sentences, and include proper grammar and punctuation. Rules for discussion board posts and the rubric used to grade them can be found in the Discussion Board Instructions and Grading Policy document.

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