Alexis Ralston
Native Americans and Healthcare
I think they have some of the worst health indicators because for starters they aren’t treated the same way. They aren’t getting the proper medications they need to solve their medical issues and some medical issues are hereditary. So, in other words, their ancestors weren’t treated for their diagnoses or were not treated properly and that can be passed down through lineage. And secondly, they do not have access to quality healthcare and hospitals. They don’t have guidance on lifestyle and dietary adjustments that they need to make.
Unit Project: Native Americans and Health Care Article Analysis and Discussion (required Due 6/26 11:59pm)
20 points fo the total 75 for this Unit Project
For the second part of the assignment you will:
Read TWO of your classmate’s posts and respond to their research critically examining what you learned from their research. Does this add to your understanding of why Native Americans experience poor health indicators? Explain. (10 points)
Finally, you will then reply to your original post addressing the following: Having read at least two of your classmates’ research findings on Native Americans and health care do you think that the research supports the idea that economic and political systems perpetuate unequal access to health care? Explain. (10 points)
Required Textbook: Stark State College. 2020. Cultural Diversity. Norton.

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