For this Current Events assignment you will be taking a virtual tour of the Research Vessel Weatherbird II and of COT, the Center of Ocean Technology, where USF researchers will show you various tools they use to study the marine environment via remote sensing. Virtual Tour of Tools at the COT Here we travel to the Center for Ocean Technology (COT) where USF researchers show us all the neat tools they use for studying the marine environment via remote sensing. Virtual Tour of Weatherbird II Watch this fieldtrip as we board USF’s R/V Weatherbird II. We will explore the many compartments on the vessel including the captain’s cabin. After watching the virtual tour videos… Select ONE of the stations aboard the R/V Weatherbird II and write a summary (1) about the tools and equipment that are used at that station, as well as (2) what kind of research is often done with these instruments, and (3) what kind of data the instruments collect. Please select the 1. remote sensing and 2. one other marine science tools from the COT fieldtrip. For each tool please write a summary answering questions about (1) what the tool is used for, (2) how it operates, and (3) what kind of data it collects.

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