For this homework assignment, you will need to read Mike Bunn’s “How to Read Like a Writer Download How to Read Like a Writer.” In both of your answers, be sure to incorporate direct (quotes) and indirect evidence.
1. In 150-200 words, discuss in your own words what Mike Bunn means by “reading like a writer” (RLW). Be sure to give specific examples from the text as well as from your own experience.
2. How does the RLW approach Bunn describes compare/contrast to what you have been taught about reading? (150-200 words)
3. One of the biggest benefits of Bunn’s approach is that it helps writers like us recognize (in what they are reading) specific choices (or moves) that writers intentionally make. In light of this benefit, I’d like you to discuss…
a) any technique/strategy in Bunn’s article that stood out to you as something you might want to try in your own writing (100-125 words)
b) any choices (or moves) you typically make as a writer that someone using Bunn’s “reading like a writer” approach might be able to identify (100-125 words)

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