In your new role as the manager of your department, you have noticed your employees have poor writing skills. You have been tasked by management to hold a training program on effective business writing skills Prepare a presentation with seven to ten (7-10) slides in a PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation in which you: Include cover, agenda, conclusion, and reference list slides, all of which may count toward total slide count. Provide a 1-2 slide overview of business communication based on information found in your text and discussed throughout the class. Narrate the slides either using voice-over in the slide presentation or use another type of software where you can voice over your presentation. Important Notes: (1) Total number of words in the bullet points is not more important than the quality of the information. (2) More detailed information should be included in the footnotes or through the use of voice over in the presentation. (3) Presentations must have a business-like professional look. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Text font size for headings and titles in the presentation must not exceed 36 pt. For all other text, the font ideally should not exceed 24 pt. Check with your professor for additional details. Presentation text must be properly aligned throughout the presentation and maintain the same line spacing and font size. Professional presentation templates will be used. If images found at websites or other sources are placed in the presentation, credit must be given to the sources with citations and references in APA format.

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