Materials Required You will find some useful background information on self-care for trauma work from the articles in EBSCOHost: Sansbury, B. S., Graves, K., & Scott, W. (2015). Managing traumatic stress responses among clinicians: Individual and organizational tools for self-care. Trauma, 17(2), 114-122. Merriman, J. (2015). Enhancing counsellor supervision through compassion fatigue education. Journal of Counseling & Development, 93(3), 370-378. Instructions **PLEASE SEE PAPER OUTLINE ATTACHED** Write a 5-6 page (average 250 words per page in Times New Roman 12-point font) paper that outlines your current self-care plan and what you plan to put in place in preparation for working with trauma clients. This proposal must be tailored to your current life situation and will include the following areas: the body and physical care; the mind and mental care (as well as spiritual care if applicable); relationship and relational care; and physical environment (e.g., dwelling place) care. You are to include explicit behaviours and actions in each of the above-mentioned areas, supported by current research, that reflect “good” self-care for individuals working as a counsellor in trauma work. Lastly, you will outline how you will know if your self-care begins to decline (i.e. markers), and strategies that you can put in place to counter the self-care slide.

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