Question 1 (1 point) What is the financial system? This is only one sentence.Question 2 (1 point) According to table 17 you took on discussion 1; the first quarter of 2018 for Saudi Arabian economy show the following:GDP is 648,493,656,299 SAR consumption is 224,699,482,038 SARgovernment expenditure is 136,078,506,917 SARexport is 298,052,510,955 SARimport is 168,358,599,175 SAR. Calculate investment.Question 3 (1 point) Show how national saving equal investment using national income identity formula for closed economy.Question 4 (1 point) Briefly explain what is the capital requirement? This is only one sentence.Question 5 (1 point) List the five cost of inflation (just list them, you do not need to describe).
Requirements: unlimited

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