The typical Capstone paper written according to this guide will be approximately 30-40 pages long, and
may also include appendices for forms, tables and other supplementary material.
• The Capstone paper should demonstrate a high level of proficiency in graduate-level communication. It
will be written using the Belhaven APA rules and protocols in effect at the time that the paper is written.
• The paper will include references. While no specific number of references is provided, it is in the
instructor’s prerogative to determine if the number and quality of the references used demonstrate Master’s
degree research and writing proficiency, and if the sources used adequately support the LDP. As a guide,
the typical leadership development plan will have eight or more references, though.
• The biblical worldview integration will constitute at least 1,000 words and will demonstrate graduate level
critical thinking and analysis. PLEASE REVIEW APPENDIX C
Leadership Development Plan Capstone Paper Guide

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