To plan how I intend to help a person ( my husband) using knowledge of the concept. Write a 2-page, APA -style, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double space description of this plan.
Must identify the specific goal you have for the person ( my husband)
Explain how the topic I identified in step 2 is relevent to that goal
Describe precisely how I can plan to effect the desired change
Clarify how you will know that you have been successful.
Attached is the project outline I am currently on STEP 3 of the project I have attached as well my STEP 2 paper for reference. I am thinking of have my husband mediate daily 3 times a day for a couple of weeks to help him with clearing his mind, thinking positive, playing golf again with his depression he lost interest in his favorite sports. I think mediating in the morning before work, afternoon, and evening before he goes to bed to clear his mind and sleep better. I hope to see the changes in him by having hime realize what he is greatful for and what is positive in his life.

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