What are some activities where following a sequence of steps is important? Why do the steps need to be followed? Discuss an everyday activity where following a sequence of steps is important (some examples are baking a cake, building a car engine, or leading a troop into combat). Discuss why not following these steps can lead to problems.
For your initial post, provide a step-by-step example that has at least 5 steps (but not more than 10). Each student must have their own unique example in order to receive credit- review your classmates posts before posting your own.
Without PEMDAS for mathematical operations, why would solving mathematical equations be difficult? See the video below for an introduction to the order of operations (about 5.5 minutes long).
Causey, (2014). How to Use Order of Operations PEMDAS. Youtube. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2yCcCgkn8U
Also review the following article about five myths regarding teaching order of operations. Which myth surprised you the most? Why? Compare and contrast your answers regarding these myths with your classmates.
Keany, M. (2015). Five Myths About Teaching Order of Operations. School Leadership. Retrieved from https://schoolleadership20.com/m/discussion?id=1990010%3ATopic%3A257522

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