A bibliography of sources (in proper APA style bibliographic form – 8 sources fo

A bibliography of sources (in proper APA style bibliographic form – 8 sources for an “A”) used in the speech must accompany this speech.
Types of sources are books, periodicals, interviews, websites, and so forth. Remember you will need 8 sources for an “A”.
Be sure that you support each point that you make with evidence and reasoning. If you need to jog your memory, please refer to the previous chapters we have studied.
7-8 minutes (30 seconds grace period – under or over time)
If you are severely over or under the time limit (one minute or more), your speech grade will be penalized.
Do not forget to cite your sources in your speech presentation. For instance, “According to CNN news online,” or “These statistics came from USA today online.” You need to include this information in your speech as you deliver it. I even ask that you write it into your outline in parentheses (highlighting it in yellow) so you know where the information was found. [Example: B. Types of Skin Cancer (WebMD.com)]
Remember that in a persusive speech, the speaker acts as an advocate. If you choose a topic below, you must choose a side (for or against). You must persuade us to act on, believe or to do something that you believe to be correct, right, and just. You will advocate for this topic when persuading the audience agree or do something about the topic. Remember to narrow your topic. These are very broad and general topics.
(The following information is from  the University of Hawaii Maui Community College Speech Department
http://www.hawaii.edu/mauispeech/html/infotopichelp.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. )